Wonderful guy, TERRIBLE Leader

When I got hired at a “new” company I immediately feared that i would regret the decision.  I when I got into the company I immediately felt as if I was the teacher and the CEO was the student.  Now as anyone that knows me will tell you this might be the norm for me, but in this case it was special.  Bill is one of the most gregarious and outwardly caring men that I have been around.  His energy and passion is genuine, fun, engaging and lacks direction.

As an old friend of mine once said:

“Like a bottle rocket without a stick, all over the place” – Pat Shaw.

At first glance, “new” company was structured legally like the real deal.  It was a C-Corp, had a Board of Directors and the management team was sound.  The product was actually awesome and the development team tight and organized. Understand that all organizations have rough spots and this was expected.

The one thing that I could never see was the corrosion underneath.   Continue reading